Do you love to travel? Strive to discover new cities and megacities? Are you looking forward to new acquaintances? Do you want to share interesting and unforgettable impressions? Is not it great to study cities, bypassing tourist routes?! Congratulations to you - you are a true traveler! And where do these travelers stay in different cities? It's no secret that these are hostels. Do not be afraid of this word! Hostels are different, that by categories and conditions, that by hospitality and sincerity. And if this hostel is also in the style of LOFT, then this will give your travel more impressions and adrenaline!

Our hostel is designed in the style of LOFT for lovers of this gaining style in equipping the premises. The very style of LOFT implies by itself to combine incompatible things, to use seemingly unsuitable objects, and in the end to enjoy coziness and taste. The style of LOFT is very popular among young people and creative people. We open our doors to everyone who wants to spend an unforgettable vacation in our themed hostel.